Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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Guilford County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff BJ Barnes

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office has approximately 650 employees. The Sheriff is responsible for 652 square miles and over 465,000.citizens. The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office has experienced a 46% reduction in crime under Sheriff Barnes.

Unlike any other county in North Carolina, the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for two jails, a county prison farm and two court systems in two metro areas.  Sheriff Barnes states, “It is a job that has been my lifelong dream.”  I can best describe myself as being “a hands on” Sheriff.  I can and do everything I ask my people to do. I answer calls, work late shifts, and assist on crime scenes.  I qualify with all weapons and do all this in addition to my administrative duties. I feel there is no more honorable profession in the world than law enforcement. “

Under Sheriff Barnes, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office has won many awards including The Best Large Office in the State for two years.   Sheriff Barnes was recently nominated for Sheriff of the Year, a award given by the National Sheriff’s Association.  The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Barnes have also been positively featured on CNN, The Today Show, Larry King, Paul Harvey, Rush Limbaugh Show and in USA Weekend.

Sheriff Barnes has over fourty one (41) years of law enforcement experience, twenty (20) as Sheriff of Guilford County.   Sheriff Barnes began his work in law enforcement with the same Office of which he is now Sheriff.  He worked in patrol and helped develop and implement the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office Vice Division.

Sheriff Barnes served as a Bank Officer and Senior Investigator for what is now Bank of America.  He served as Special Assistant to the Director of the Office of Motor Vehicles, Driver’s License Section and as Law Enforcement Liaison for the State of North Carolina on the North Carolina Drug Cabinet.

Sheriff Barnes served as a non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corps and wrote the Law Enforcement Section of the North Carolina Drug Plan,  directed and produced the Video “Dealing with Substance Abuse” used across the state by law enforcement and substance abuse programs, wrote numerous brochures and pamphlets for educational use, wrote the Audio Tape Free From Fear and has his own Television Show, "Guilford Sheriff 911" – Public Access and Sheriff’s Beat Radio Show on WPET and Guilford 911 with Sheriff BJ Barnes on WGOS.

Sheriff Barnes has degrees in Criminal Justice and Juvenile Justice and has attended assorted Law Enforcement classes and seminars. Sheriff Barnes is a college level instructor.

Sheriff Barnes is married to Dena Barnes and he has two daughters, two granddaughters and four grandsons. Sheriff Barnes is a resident of Summerfield.

Sheriff BJ Barnes

Sheriff BJ Barnes

Vine LInk

Crime Stoppers



NON EMERGENCIES: (336) 373-2222

District 1 - (336) 641-2300
District 2 - (336) 641-2680
District 3 - (336) 641-6691

Greensboro - (336) 641-2700
High Point - (336) 641-7900

Greensboro - (336) 641-3735
High Point - (336) 641-7907

400 West Washington St
Greensboro, NC 27402

Greensboro: (336) 641-3694
High Point: (336) 641-3694
Fax: (336) 641-6729