Animal Cruelty Charges filed

Sheriff BJ Barnes reports the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office has concluded its investigation in the animal cruelty case. The Sheriff’s Office was notified after a viral video surfaced of two teenagers using an aerosol can and lighter to ignite a flame towards a dog.

The Sheriff’s Office immediately initiated an investigation and that investigation has concluded. The detective assigned to the case has met with the District Attorney’s Office and animal cruelty charges have been filed with the Juvenile Justice system. Information regarding the individuals involved, as well as any court dispositions, cannot be publically released because of the ages of the offenders.

Animal Services was promptly notified and responded to the location of the offense and provided medical treatment to the injured animal. The dog has currently been placed with a rescue organization and is not available for adoption at this time. Animal Services has worked collaboratively with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office during the investigation.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office takes all allegations of animal cruelty seriously and conducts thorough investigations as to all reports of injury and cruelty towards animals.